• Protecting People, Planet, Parties


    Cultivating community leaders

    + providing opportunities for the industry to"Play it FWD"

  • Who We Are

    Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) is a nonprofit

    think tank and action network of electronic music fans, artists, and industry professionals

    collaborating creatively to build a more resilient world.

    Membership Alliance

    As a global membership alliance, we recruit and unite forward-thinking leaders in electronic music culture. We inspire our members to collaborate and provide a platform for them to Play it FWD.

    Charitable Organization

    As a charitable organization, we work on building community resilience. We address issues of ecology, health + safety (personal, as well as disaster prevention and response), and social justice. By leveraging the unique voices of our dynamic, multi-media art and music culture, we creatively respond to the needs of our own as well as our greater surrounding communities.

  • Safety through Social Media

    Tips on how to encourage safety through online platforms. Click below for your copy or swipe left for more information.

    EMA Massive Actions

    Twice a year we motivate our EMA ambassadors to create a community event that bridges our community to the greater community in a day of action.

    10 Quick Tips for Event Organizers

    Safety considerations to ensure basic public safety.

    Hous'n for the Homeless Benefit

    EMA Massive Action launches in Alaska this August with an amazing event.

  • We help build resilient communities through our programs

    Twice a year Ambassadors of EMA and the partnership network are encouraged to mobilize a Spring or Fall "Massive" Community Building Action Day or Weekend. Read more about our program here.

    Play it FWD

    EMA provides opportunities and coaching for:

    • Artist Philanthropy Gigs
    • Participation in the EMA Label
    • Community Ambassador Training
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